For the past two years, I have been working on a documentary film called DISCONNECTED. In this film, I explore the largest addiction crisis this country has ever seen and the ways in which we can heal our addicted society. There is a Paradigm Shift underway in the addiction treatment community which we are only starting to see in America. The knowledge and wisdom I have experienced while interviewing many of the pioneers in this movement has informed the creation of the Samadhi center and treatment program. Many of the people that have inspired me to create this center will be on the advisory board as well as visiting guest speakers in many cases giving workshops and lectures. The center has been endorsed by Dr. Andrew Tatarsky PHD (author of “Harm Reduction Psychotherapy, A new treatment for drug and alcohol problems”) as well as many other specialists in the field. Samadhi is not just a center but a movement in our community.  

- David McNamara, Director