The SAMADHI model has 3 parts. We will be creating an intensive inpatient addiction treatment center, a holistic and herbal based detox facility, and a community outreach center.



Samadhi is a long term residential treatment center (3 to 9 months) for recovery for those suffering from substance use and related disorders and addictions. The core program is based in alternative treatment modalities: Integrative Harm Reduction Psychotherapy (IHRP), Mindfulness-Based Addiction Recovery (MBAR), Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR), Mindfulness-Based Relapse Prevention (MBRP), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), and Somatic Experiencing. The practices and exercises throughout MBRP and MBAR are designed to raise awareness and increase intentional responding by shifting out of “autopilot” and bringing attention to physical, emotional, and cognitive experiences, both in triggering situations and in typical daily routine activities. Several practices specifically target tolerance of negative physical, emotional, and cognitive states, thereby decreasing the need to alleviate discomfort by engaging in impulsive behavior. The facility will be located in Oliverea, N.Y. on 67 rolling acres in the beautiful Catskill Mountains.



The SAMADHI Detox Center employs a holistic approach to detoxification. Mind, body and spirit are treated together with compassion and understanding. During this process the body and mind are undergoing very extreme changes and it is important that ALL aspects of the person are taken into consideration at this time. Holistic detox has its roots in evidence-based, proven treatment options. Along with more traditional medical detox, it supplements this care with alternative and complementary services. These services will include meditation, acupuncture (NADA Protocol), Tibetan medicine, nutrition and herbal treatment. Meditation can be a powerful tool in your recovery. Acupuncture may be a part of your detox and recovery. Slim needles or lasers are used to stimulate certain parts of the body and re-establish balance. Like meditation, acupuncture can help you find immediate relief and long-term recovery support.



The SAMADHI Recovery Community Outreach Center will be a safe, welcoming and stigma-free space that embraces the many pathways to recovery. We will offer critical free programs for people in recovery from substance use disorder or other addiction related disorders and their families. The Center will offer peer support, Recovery Coaching, family and individual therapy. Through our extensive network of volunteers and specialists we will offer various skill building activities, recreation, mindfulness training, education, employment readiness in a compassionate environment. 

Showers, laundry and snacks will be made available to individuals who are seeking to engage in a recovery process. 

We will have family navigators to help remove the many barriers to finding addiction treatment with real time solutions to insurance challenges so that individuals who are ready can access treatment on demand. 

At the Center individuals and families can receive services such as peer-led addiction and recovery support groups; family and individual therapy, family support and resources; life skills training; linkage with community resources; Trauma informed care (EMDR and Somatic Experiencing), family support and resources; life skills training; linkage with community resources; fitness, health, mindfulness based and wellness activities; community service opportunities; and education and vocational services. 

The many pathways to recovery will be embraced and celebrated, increasing the chance that an individual will chose to start their recovery process. 

The Recovery Café’ will be a coffee shop open to the general public that will serve as a place for individuals who have chosen a path of recovery to gain employment while finding purpose and skill building amongst a supportive and safe environment.